Point of Ayre (Low) usually known as "Winkie"

Character FL 3 sec......(fl 0.3 ec 2.7)

Light discontinued 7th April 2010

Point of Ayre(Low) pre-1939

Point of Ayre(Low) Pre-1939 (Copyright--Unknown)
Light (Fixed white) first exhibited 1890

Point of Ayre(Low) 1990 Point of Ayre(Low) 2015
__________________________________________________________________Copyright Kota
_____________________Point of Ayre (Low) 1990_________________________Point of Ayre (Low) 2015 showing plaque

Point of Ayre(Low) plaque
Winkie plaque removed October 2015

Point of Ayre (Low) Scenic 2002
Point of Ayre 2002

----- Point of Ayre(Low) ------------------------Old Fog Signal --------Point of Ayre

Moved to present location in 1950

AGA Lamp Flasher 1992

Originally 2 superimposed dioptric fifth order fixed lens with argand burners
Probably 1950 when changed to Fifth Order fixed lens with an AGA Flasher using Acetylene Gas.
Which meant an evening walk to raise the blinds,turn on the gas and light the pilot light.
Then a morning walk to turn off the gas and lower the blinds

Gas Bottles and Gauge 1992

After the annual storing trip there would be 9 cylinders of gas.
3--in use-----
3--on standby
3--in reserve  

ML300 Lantern 2005---- Bi-filament Lamp 2002
Tideland ML300 Lantern (2005)------------60 watt Bi-filament lamp (2002)

Automation in 1993 introduced a Tideline ML300 Lantern running a 60 watt Bi-filament lamp.
Operation of the light is monitored at Northern Lighthouse Board Monitoring Center.

Attendant visits on a fortnightly basis and checks physical condition of building and that the No.1 filament is in use.
September 2004 the Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) superceded the Attendant and visits on a monthly basis.
Technicians visit at least annually to check,modify and update equipment as required.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox unless otherwise shown.