Watch Systems

Rock Stations
There was always somebody on watch,so watches repeated themselves every third day.Usually an eight hour watch eg 10.00 to18.00 followed by four hour watches.

One Man Station
No watch system as such,the keeper switched on the light at lighting up time,checked the light at 10pm.,then retired until the morning.

Two Man Station
A keeper would go on duty when the light was due in,and the night would then be divided between them,until the light was put out(duration of a lightroom watch not as a rule,to exceed four hours).Which meant.especially in winter,good use was made of OK's.

Fog Signal Station
Watch System in use from 1978 at Point of Ayre Lighthouse
As can be seen all full time keepers work the same watches over a four week period.

Some stations preferred to split the period 06.00 to 18.00
by doing 06.00 - 12.00 and 12.00 - 18.00

 DAY  0200  0600  1000  1800  2200  DAY 
     0600  1000  1800  2200  0200  OFF

SUN   OK     D     A    OK     D    BC
MON    A     B     C     A     B     D
TUE    C     A     B     C     A     D
WED    B     C     D     B     C     A
THU    D     B     C     D     B     A
FRI    C     D     A    OK     C     B
SAT    A     B    OK     A     B    CD

SUN   OK     A     B    OK     A    CD
MON    B     C     D     B     C     A
TUE    D     B     C     D     B     A
WED    C     D     A     C     D     B
THU    A     C     D     A     C     B
FRI    D     A     B    OK     D     C
SAT    B     C    OK     B     C    DA

SUN   OK     B     C    OK     B    DA
MON    C     D     A     C     D     B
TUE    A     C     D     A     C     B
WED    D     A     B     D     A     C
THU    B     D     A     B     D     C
FRI    A     B     C    OK     A     D
SAT    C     D    OK     C     D    AB

SUN   OK     C     D    OK     C    AB
MON    D     A     B     D     A     C
TUE    B     D     A     B     D     C
WED    A     B     C     A     B     D
THU    C     A     B     C     A     D
FRI    B     C     D    OK     B     A
SAT    D     A    OK     D     A    BC