Ramsey-Harbour Scenic 2003

Ramsey Harbour Scenic View

Ramsey-Harbour Entrance 2002

Ramsey Harbour Entrance from sea

Ramsey-South Pier Head Light 2002

South Pier Head Light (Lt.Q.R) Built 1876

Ramsey-North Pier Head Light 2002

North Pier Head Light (Lt.Q.G) Built 1864

South Pier
Fog bell established 1948
Fog Bell (2) 10 sec.when vessels expected
Discontinued mid-1990's
Ramsey-Harbour entrance-rear view-2004
General view of harbour entrance from landside.
Twin Red lights ON when harbour is open.
Ramsey-North-rear view-2004
North Light
Round hole on North light and square hole on South light for Harbour Master to view operation of light from rear. Ramsey-South-rear view-2004
South Light

From Shining by the Sea by Constance Radcliffe

Lighthouse Harbour Entrance
Date built not known
reference 1771....lately glazed and repaired
Date dismantled not known

South Pier
1844 November Tempory wooden lighthouse
1845 Stone lighthouse 29 feet high Fixed white light
1851 Fixed red light
Pier extension
1876 Cast Iron lighthouse by Messrs.Bellhouse of Manchester.

North Pier
1864 December Cast Iron 34 feet

Ramsey-Old berthing pier 2002

Ramsey Dolphin-Remains of old berthing pier

Ramsey-Dolphin 2013

Ramsey Dolphin Light(Lt.FL.R 5sec)

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.