Port St.Mary Harbour Lights

Oc R 10s

Port St.Mary 2018
Showing Alfred Pier new daymark/lantern at rear November 2018

Port St.Mary daymark 2018
Alfred Pier Daymark/Lantern 2018

Port St.Mary lantern 2018
Alfred Pier Vega VLB-5X Lantern 2018

Port St.Mary 2009
New Alfred Pier Head Light at rear 2009 _______________ Inner Pier Head Light c1845

Alfred Pier Head Light 2010 __Inner Pier Light 2011

Alfred Pier Head Light (Lt.Oc.R 10sec)_____________Inner Pier Light (Lt,Oc.R 3sec)_______
Red Lantern replaced red bulb 2010____________________________________________

2013 back to clear lantern with red bulb____________________________________________

New Alfred Pier Head Light 2009 ____Inner Pier Light-Rear View 2002

Alfred Pier Head Light 2009______________Inner Pier Light-Rear View

12th January 2009 Alfred Pier Head light washed into sea.

Port St.Mary 2002
Harbour with old Alfred Pier Head light

Alfred Pier Light 2002 Alfred remains 2009
Alfred Pier Head Light c1882 __________ Alfred Light remains 2009

Alfred Pier Head Light
Electric fog bell established 1948
Fog Bell (3) 12 sec.when vessels expected
Discontinued mid-1990's

The Carrick (Lt Q(2)5sec)

Carrick Light 2002

Carrick Light 2013
A rock outcrop near Port St Mary harbour 2013

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.