Point of Ayre Lighthouse
FL (4) W 20 seconds.
(fl 0.2,ec 2.3,fl 0.2,ec 2.3,fl 0.2,ec 2.3,fl 0.2,ec 12.3)

Light Range
21 miles

Optic Height
32 metres

Tower Height
30 metres

First order Dioptric Equalising (Fresnel) Lens

Point of Ayre Lighthouse Station Isle of Man 2005
Point of Ayre Station (2005)

Point of Ayre Tower 2002 Light first shown 1st.November 1818
Established 1st.February 1819
The light was not allowed to be established and charge light duties until the Calf of Man lights were completed.
A revolving catoptric light,consisting of fourteen (2 ft. diameter) parabolic reflectors with Argand lamps. It revolved every two minutes, showing one minute a white light, and the other minute a red light.
1890 Station Refurbishment
Lantern and Optic equipment replaced
2nd February 1891
First order Dioptric Equalising Light revolving every eight minutes,shown as a Red and White Flash alternating every thirty seconds
One lamp five concentric wicks 4.5" diameter
Required rewinding every ninety minutes.
Tower two red bands painted
Minor Light (Winkie) built.

Single Fog Siren installed
Three 5hp Priestman oil engines installed - ran on paraffin

c1939 Fog signal engines and compressors replaced by three cylinder Kelvin diesel engines and Sentinel compressors.
Second Fog siren added.
Character (3) 90 sec
1950 Minor light moved 250 feet seaward.
1960 Mains water and electric supply arrived at station.
1978 Chance Brothers 55mm Paraffin Vapour Lamp replaced with 250 watt Mercury Vapour Lamp
Clockwork drive retained
c1981 Storm signal discontinued
1985 Radio Beacon aerial mast replaced by di-pole aerial
1991 Tempory Power Beam light whilst main lens bearing changed from chariot wheel to modern bearing
Character changed to Group Flash (4) 20 sec.
Main light back in use 18/12/91
Lamp changed to 400 watt Metal Halide.
Lampchanger NALC-89
8/7/1992 Fog siren replaced by Electric Emitter
Character changed to (3) 60 sec
16/8/2005 Fog signal discontinued

31/3/92 Radio Beacon discontinued

31/03/1993 Station automation completed with a similar system to Maughold Head.
Main differences a 400 watt lamp instead of 250 watt.
Eventually three phase motors instead of single phase.
Gave a more gradual power take up and saved wear on gearbox clutches

2003 Videograph fog detector(Back scatter) replaced by Visibility sensor VF-500-110T (forward scatter)
2005 Fog signal discontinued 13:15 hrs August 16th

Before automation at the Point of Ayre lighthouse it used to be a leisurely Red and White beam every minute,this used to pass across one of the local farmers barns where he kept his cows overnight-No problem. When the light was automated the lamp was changed from 250 watt to 400 watt and character changed to four quick flashes every 20 seconds,after a few nights the farmer was complaining that his cows were fretful and restless and the only thing he could think of,was the light beams,so we extended the blank panes (Without compromising safety) and the cows settled down again.

Point of Ayre Lens  2005
Point of Ayre lens (2005)

Point of Ayre Lamps 2003 An unusual view showing main and reserve lamps along with photo-electric cells which are used to monitor that the light is on,used in conjunction with monitoring of lamp current consumption.
Point of Ayre Lamps-2 2003

Operation of the light is monitored at Northern Lighthouse Board Monitoring Center.

Attendant visits on a fortnightly basis carry's out system checks and checks physical condition of building.
September 2004 the Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) superceded the Attendant and visits on a monthly basis.
Technicians visit at least annually to check,modify and update equipment as required.

Point of Ayre Equipment 2004
(2005)__________________________Racon_____Visibility Sensor___
Standby Light____________________________Fog Signal_____Standby Light

Copy of original plaque
Copy of original 1890 brass plaque
Removed during automation program 1993

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.