Point of Ayre

Light Character
FL (4) W 20 seconds.
(fl 0.2,ec 2.3,fl 0.2,ec 2.3,fl 0.2,ec 2.3,fl 0.2,ec 12.3)

Light Character prior to automation
ALT FL WR 30secs
(fl 8,ec22,fl R 8,ec 22)

Light Range
Trinity House/Developement Section Report No.68/AC/IT/RV/1992
Point of Ayre Lighthouse was measured at the request of NLB to check the intensity after the recent change of the lamp to a 400W MBI,and accompanying modifications to the optic.
The light at Point of Ayre is performing in accordance with theoretical calculations for this type of installation.It has an intensity of 169,000 cd (by Schmidt-Clausen),giving a range of 21 nautical miles.

The optic at Point of Ayre has refractors only (the reflectors which were in use for an earlier alternating white and red character have been blanked off). As the refracting sections of optics usually perform well,even with small sources,the measured intensity of the lighthouse should match the theoretical figure reasonably well. This in in fact achieved,giving a range of 21 miles. The Admirality List publishes 19 nautical miles as the range,but this figure appears to have been carried over from the days when the lighthouse had a PVB source.

When was the light first shown?

Extract from a Voyage of Inspection
Point of Ayre-13.Aug 1818 -- 8 O'Clock am
Messrs Duff and Steveson landed and inspected the lighthouse now erecting on the Point of Ayre.They found the Keeper's house roofed and the tower so far advanced that in Mr Stevensons opinion it would be ready in the course of three or four weeks for receiving the Lightroom.We are in hope therefore that the Commissioners may be able in November next to initiate the exhibition of a light on the Point of Ayre,and we are of opinion that to show the interest which the Commissioners have in the trade of the United Kingdom,this light on the Point of Ayre should be exhibited in November next,alltho' the Commissioners may not receive any of the Isle of Man duties for two or three months afterwoods,on account of there not being entitled to levy those duties,until they also exhibit a light on the Calf which cannot be done before January next.

Committee meeting 22nd December 1818
Order the Engineer to advertise the Lighting of the Isle of Man Lights,as soon as they can ascertain with certainty the day on which the Lights can be exhibited and the clerk to prepare instructions in regard to the collection of the additional duties to be levied.

From a meeting at NLB---9 January 1819
Approve of the notice published in regard to the Lights on the Island of Manx being exhibited on the 1st February next,and directed the Clerk to issue the neccesary instructions as to the levying of the additional duties granted by the 55.Geo III on account of three lights.

Point of Ayre
[from Jenkinson's Practical Guide, 1874]
A walk round the island by the sea-coast :-
The light may be seen on an average about 20 miles, and in very fine weather 36 miles. It is a revolving catoptric light, and consists of fourteen parabolic reflectors. It revolves every two minutes, showing one minute a white light, and the other minute a red light.

From Lighthouses and Lightships by W.H.Davenport Adams (1875)
Ayre Point One light,revolving every 2 minutes;erected 1818

Notice to Mariners No.4 1910
On or after 1st.April next,the main light on Point of Ayre will be altered from
Alternate Revolving White and Red,one minute
Alternate Revolving White and Red,30 seconds