Peel Harbour Lights

Peel  Scenic view 2005

Peel Harbour 2004
Not to Scale

Breakwater Light 2002
Breakwater Light (2002)
Light established 1865
Electric Fog bell established 1949
Fog Bell (4) 14 sec.
Fog Signal Bell discontinued mid 1990's.


Breakwater Light 2012
Breakwater Light (Oc 7 sec)
Recently painted plus fog bell and balcony removed 2012


Rear Leading light on Pumping Station cupola 2005
Rear Leading light on Pumping Station cupola
(FL R 5 sec) Peel Groyne Light 2004
Groyne Light (FL R 5 sec)
From 8/8/05 used as Front Leading Light with synchronised Rear Leading Light on cupola of drainage pumping station on promenade

Peel Inner Harbour Entrance

Peel Inner Harbour Entrance 2002
Pier Head Light________________________Castle Jetty Light

Peel Pier Head Light 2002 _________________ Castle Jetty Light 2004
Pier Head Light (Lt.Oc.R 7sec)__________________ Castle Jetty Light (Lt.Oc.G 7sec)
_______________________________Established 1946

Peel Harbour now has a water retention scheme in operation and entry/exit is indicated by Vessel Traffic Lights

Water Retention scheme 2005
Scheme consists of a movable vertical flap and a rotating pedestrian bridge

Water Retention scheme-front 2005
View from sea

Water Retention scheme-rear 2005
View from inside harbour

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.