Maughold Head Lighthouse
FL (3) 30 sec
(fl 0.5,ec 2.0,fl 0.5,ec 2.0,fl 0.5,ec 24.5)

Light Range
Nominal 15 miles

Optic Height
65 metres

Tower Height
23 metres

Lighthouse-Scene 2013

Maughold lighthouse Isle of Man 2013

Notice to Mariners 2017
Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners 2017

Sealite Lanterns Type SL-300-1D5-1
Operational 17/1/2018
Both Lanterns flash in normal operation
One Lantern gives nominal range

Notice to Mariners 2016

Notice to Mariners

Sabic 350 2016

25/11/16 Temporary Beacon (Sabik 350) in operation

In use until permanent LED lights fitted 17/1/2018

1st Order Stevensons Equiangular Refractor (Fresnel) Lens
Mercury Bath
Range 20 miles

Lens and Mercury Bath discontinued 25th November 2016

The lens to remain but is covered and no longer operational

Lighthouse lens 2013

Maughold lighthouse lens 2013

Maughold-Constuction c1912
Maughold-Constuction c1912
Copyright Unknown

Tower+Foghorn -1984 -------- Lantern+Receiver 1984

Photographs above taken in 1984 when the foghorn was still in operation
Siren 7 sec blast every 90 secs
Foghorn discontinued 1987

Maughold Head lighthouse Isle of Man from sea 2003 Maughold Blank Panes 2002

When the light was automated on 31/3/1993,the domestic accommodation and engine room were sold.
The purchaser converted the engine room to accommodation and then complained about the light
flashing in the windows,Northern Lighthouse Board had some of the lantern panes blanked out.

Plaque on Machine Case (2013)

Prior to automation there was a paraffin light and clockwork drive in operation.

Multi vapour lamps + Lampchanger 2011

250 Watt multi-vapour lamps + lampchanger + lamp monitor photocells (2011)

Operation of the light is monitored at Northern Lighthouse Board Monitoring Center.

Attendant visits on a fortnightly basis carry's out system checks and checks physical condition of building.
September 2004 the Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) superceded the Attendant and visits on a monthly basis.
Technicians visit at least annually to check,modify and update equipment as required.

Orga FML 302 SA Lantern 2002

Emergency Light Orga 250mm lantern, Type FML 302 SA
Flasher Type SSF12/5/D
Light source 60 watt bi-filament lamp.

Emergency  Lantern 2014
Emergency Lantern (300mm) installed February 2014
Removed November 2016 Replaced by Temporary Beacon (Sabik 350)
Removed 17/1/2018 when Sealite Lanterns Type SL-300-1D5 bought into operation

Scheme R  Lantern Lampchanger 2014
Used Pelangi 6 lamp autochanger with 12 volt 50 watt bulbs
Same type as Langness
The lens and base had been bolted together before I had a chance to take a photograph.
Hence the use of Langness photograph of lampchanger.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.