Maughold Head

The lighthouse replaced Bahama Bank lightship
Which had been operated by Trinity House since 1st January 1848

Officially lit April 15th 1914
Character FL (3) 30 sec
(fl 0.5,ec 2.0,fl 0.5,ec 2.0,fl 0.5,ec 24.5)

1st Order Stevensons Equiangular Refractor showing three flashes every 30 seconds
Lanterns and parapet made by A C Westwood
Machine with revolving carriage, Dove and Co
Operation of machinery Here
Diamond incandescent burner for the illuminant was made by Chance Bros.
The fog signal machinery was made by Dove and Co
Chance Brothers 55 mm Paraffin Vapour Burner
Operation of Lamp Here
c1983 250 watt Mercury Vapour lamp
Clockwork drive retained
Automated 31/3/1993

Sealite Lanterns Type SL-300-1D5-1
Range 15 miles

Foghorn--Siren 7 sec burst every 90 sec.
first sounded April 16th 1914
From 1930/40 Kelvin Two cylinder Diesel Engines with Alley & Maclellan "Sentinel" compressors
Discontinued 1987

Old Engine Room

Old Engine Room 2005 _____ Engine Room Diagram

Old Engine Room 2005 _____ Old Cooling Tank 2005
Old Engine Room ____________________ Old Cooling Water Tank
Light Range
Trinity House/Developement Section Report No.69/AC/IT/RV/1992

Maughold Head Lighthouse has an intensity of 124,000 cd ,giving a range of 20 nautical miles. These figures match theoretical predictions almost exactly.
The published range is 22 miles - presumably this relates to an earlier installation at the Lighthouse.

HOPE copper mine,Maughold. Situated just below Maughold Lighthouse at SC498914.
Copper source at Gob Ny Strona (Maughold Head) where the lighthouse stands 1866/7 not found in commercial quantities.

"A History of Kirkmaughold" W & C Radcliffe.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.