Maughold Head Lighthouse
Tower-1984 8th.September 1982.
Arrived on transfer from Point of Ayre. A lot quieter station with just Light and Fog signal,back to a Paraffin Vapour Lamp--15 minutes to light up,instead of operating a switch and a wind every 40 minutes which meant with all the steps down to the light plus climbing the tower,the watch was usually kept in the lightroom,which officially was where the watch was kept anyway?

1983 light was converted to a 250 watt Mercury Vapour lamp whilst I was there.
The Fog Signal was a Siren powered by two cylinder Kelvin Diesel Engines driving Sentinel Air Compressors.

Whilst I was here the Local ALK at the Point of Ayre resigned,since I liked the Isle Of Man and at the time I was about 12th.on the seniority list,and at the rate automation was progressing I was unlikely to be promoted (Only six more ALK's were promoted before automation was completed) I applied for and got the job of Local ALK,bought a house nine miles away and returned to the Point of Ayre on 28th.May 1984,where I remained until 30th.June 1993 when I was made redundant as a Full time Keeper,and started as Attendant at Point of Ayre and Maughold Head lighthouses.

As the Attendant I visited each lighthouse once a fortnight,checked out various systems,cleaned and tidied the place and I was the first one called if there was anything amiss.

Attendants in the Isle of Man were made redundant from 31st.August 2004.
On September 1st. 2004 I became Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) with responsibility for all Isle of Man lighthouses,except Chicken Rock.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox