Langness Lighthouse
Fl (2) 30 sec.( fl 1.1, ec 4.6,fl 1.1, ec 23.2)

Light Range
12 miles

Optic Height
23 metres

Tower Height
19 metres

Langness from sea-2003

Langness from sea (2003)

Langness Tower-2008 1880 Light established FL 5 sec
1881 Fog signal established
1937 Optical mirror apparatus installed FL (2)30 sec
1987 Fog horn discontinued
14th.December 1994--Tempory light FL (2) 30 sec
Status changed to Minor light
Range reduced from 21 to 12 miles
27th.September 1995--Permanent light re-established
2 Tideland ML-300 in Bi-form arrangement FL (2) 30 sec


March 2012 Radio aerials removed

Operation of the light is monitored at Northern Lighthouse Board Monitoring Center.

Attendant visits on a fortnightly basis carries out system checks and checks physical condition of buildings.
From September 2004 the Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) superceded the Attendant and visits on a monthly basis.
Technicians visit at least annually to check,modify and update equipment as required.
Langness Tower (2008)
Aerials for radio connection to Chicken Rock monitoring system
and previously to Calf of Man before it was discontinued in 2007

Radio aerials removed 2012

Langness without Radio Aerials (2012)

With Calf of Man discontinued and Chicken Rock using satellite
phone no longer any need for radio communication to/from Langness

. Bi-form Lanterns-2005 Same as Bi-filament Lamp fitted at Point of Ayre (Minor) light Winkie 2002

Two Tideland ML300 Lanterns mounted Bi-form with 10.6 volt 60 watt twin filament bulbs

May 2012 Replaced by Pelangi 6 lamp autochanger with 12 volt 50 watt bulbs

Langness Pelangi Auto lamp changer 2012

Langness-Old Fog Horn-2004
Photograph taken 2004

Langness--Old Fog Horn-discontinued 1987
Siren 2 blasts of 2 1/2 sec every 60 secs.

Explanation of Fog Horn-Siren

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.