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Hyson KM135/ KM165 Airchimes

Hyson Airchimes 2005
General view of Airchimes (4 of KM135,4 of KM165)

Hyson Airchimes 2005

The Chimes are air operated signals of the "Tyfon/Typhon" type where compressed air produces a sound by means of vibrating diaphragms.
KM135 sounds at 135Hz
KM165 sounds at 165Hz
The timimg of the opening of the valves for this to give the correct character and the opening of the valves themselves is done electrically.The air is compressed using vane-type compressors.

Hyson Airchime KM135 2005
Each chime has one air pipe and two electrical cables (Heater and Solenoid)

All photographs taken 2005

Hyson Airchimes discontinued 1994