The machinery is essentially the same as Point of Ayre Click here

1. Where are Starting point and Terminal point of Swinging Frame Assembly? Perhaps, you would have the great kindness to make a simple drawing.

cape campbell machinery
Shows winding frame in normal (Starting) position

cape campbell
Shows winding frame in Terminal position which would effectively stop the machine


ratchet teeth
Ratchet teeth

2. When winding gear with swinging frame have just reached to the terminal point,
a) Which the way to unset winding gear lock on primary gear, manually by hand or automatically?


b) If light keeper unset gear lock at the terminal point, Which the way to return the swinging frame to the starting point,
Manually by keeper’s own hand or Automatically moving on primary gear by weight of counter balance arm?

Manually to retain control or frame would slam back hard

c) For perfect rewinding of weight from ground to Cable drum, Is it finished by the single movement of Swinging Frame
from starting point to terminal point or it need several movement of Swinging Frame?

Several movements of swinging frame depending how long the cable and how fast you wind it

d) How to the Swinging Frame stopped? Is it reached stopper on Main Frame
or something other?

You watch and stop swinging frame before it is stopped by main frame
or the machine will stop

3. Which parts are they cut gear tooth on surface for ratchet, Cable Drum or Winding Wheel (large)

Cut gear teeth are on the cable drum

4. During rewind operation, what power sources move primary gear
Can I think that the power of winding gear (small) and swinging frame locked primary gear? Or is it only swinging frame locked primary gear?

My theory? - I think when the swinging frame is locked to the primary drive as you turn the handle
you pull against the counterweight which moves the primary gear forward at the same time the cable drum rewinds

5. For the operation of brake/clutch lever, what or how to lift it in the concrete?

The handle at top left of photo-2 would operate the dog clutch but I do not see a brake handle?