Port Erin Harbour Lights

Raglin Pier 2002
Raglin Pier Head Light (Lt.Oc.G 5sec)

Front Leading Light 2002 Rear Leading Light 2002
Front Leading Light (Lt.Fixed R)______________ Rear Leading Light (Lt.Fixed R)
With rear light in background_________________________________________

1884 - The original front light was a skeletal tower with lightroom on top

From Isle of Man Examiner September 1899.

The Isle of Man Harbour Commissioners have received notice from Mr G.L.Trustrum to remove the high (rear) lighthouse which has,for some years past been standing on property claimed by Mr. Trustrum.We understand that a little difference has arisen between that gentleman and the Harbour Commissioners.
The lighthouse has been accordingly removed, and a tempory light has been placed on a lamp-post.
A new house is likely to be errected on the shore.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.