Douglas Head Lighthouse
FL 10 sec
(Fl 0.5 , ec 9.5)

Light Range
Nominal 15 miles

Optic Height
32 metres

Tower Height
20 metres

Douglas Head from the sea 2003

Douglas Head from the sea (2003)

Notice to Mariners 2017

Lantern 2018

Sealite Lanterns Type SL-300-1D5-2
Operational 18/1/2018

All Lanterns flash in normal operation
One lantern section gives nominal range

LED Lantern flash 2018

Douglas Notice to Mariners 2017
Notice to Mariners 2017

Temporary Beacon 2017
8/2/17 Temporary Beacon (Sabik 350) in operation

Douglas Head scenic view 2003

Douglas Head Scenic View (2003)

Douglas Head Station 2002
Old Engine Room_________Tower and Private Residence
Douglas Head Station (2002)

Control Panel 2004 Sealed Beam Lamp Array 2004
Control Panel (2004)__________________ Sealed Beam Lamp Array (2004)

The metal panels in front of the lamps are called collimators,whose purpose is to give a sharper more defined flash
and reduce the risk of spurious or false flashes

Sealed Beam Lamp Array Internal view 2011
RLK or Technicians view when changing lamps (2011)

Beam Circuit 2004 AGA-PRB 21A 2004
Circuit of sealed beam lamps (2004)___________AGA PRB21--Gearless Drive Unit (2004)

Two double banked units of 12 lamps mounted facing in opposite directions,turned by an AGA PRB21 Gearless Drive Unit rotating at 3 rpm,gives a flash every 10 seconds.
Range 24 miles

Only 8 of the lamps (30 Volt 200 Watt) run at 25 Volt 150 Watts to give increased service life are used in normal operation 4 in each bank are 6 Volt 28.5 Watts used as emergency lamps (Loss of mains electric power or complete failure of main lamp banks)
Corresponding lamps (4) in each bank are connected in series,if one lamp fails all four go out,which gives each unit the same intensity,similarly with the 6 volt lamps,two connected in series.Power provided by emergency batteries.

Emergency light
Emergency light is a ZP20 200 mm Lantern mounted on the balcony rail.
Removed February 2017 Replaced by Temporary Beacon (Sabik 350)
Removed 18/1/2018 when Sealite Lanterns Type SL-300-1D5 bought into operation

Operation of the light is monitored at Northern Lighthouse Board Monitoring Center.

Attendant visits on a fortnightly basis carry's out system checks and checks physical condition of building.
September 2004 the Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) superceded the Attendant and visits on a monthly basis.
Technicians visit at least annually to check,modify and update equipment as required.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.