Lightkeepers Journey
Isle of Man Lighthouses

Point of Ayre Lighthouse Isle of Man 2005
Point of Ayre (2005)
I was a fulltime Lighthouse Keeper for twenty years from 1973 and from 1993 worked part-time as the Attendant at Point of Ayre and Maughold Head Lighthouses.On September 1st. 2004 I became Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) with responsibility for all Isle of Man lighthouses,except Chicken Rock.
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General Information
The journey starts with St.Abbs
Rhinns of Islay
Girdle Ness
Rattray Head
Point of Ayre
Maughold Head

How some things worked in lighthouses in the 1970's

Paraffin Lamps ________________ Lens/Lights _________ Clockwork Lens machinery

Watch Systems _________________ Storm Signal _____________________ Storm Pane

Fog Horn-Siren ______________ Fog Horn-Diaphone _____________ Fog Horn-Tyfon

How some automatic lighthouses work.

Light ________Fog Signal-Emitter

Northern Lighthouse Board in the Isle of Man.

Point of Ayre _____--_________ Point of Ayre(Low) ____________ Maughold Head

Douglas Head ------------ Langness --------------- Calf of Man ------------ Chicken Rock

Whitestone Bank Buoy ---------- Bahama Bank Buoy -------------- Ballacash Bank Buoy

Thousla Rock Beacon

Port St.Mary Shore Station --------------- Cregneish Radio Beacon Station

Harbour Lights in the Isle of Man.

Ramsey ______________ Laxey _____-_______ Douglas ____________ Derbyhaven

Castletown _____________ Peel _____________ Port Erin ___________ Port St.Mary

Information,photographs etc.for individuals.
Some photographs available at larger scale
Feel free to browse.
Hobbies/Matchstick Models/Model Boats _________ Kelvin Engine _______ Windvane

__________ Tenants __________ Dukw __________ Hiroshi

Reference spreadsheets for Scottish and Isle of Man lighthouses.
Dates and facts gathered from here there and everywhere so feel free to contact me about errors and updates

Isle of Man ---------- Scotland

My name is Fred in the Isle of Man,thanks for visiting.

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Latest update
16th September 2023 Douglas Head notes Perspex screens
1st May 2023 Derbyhaven Breakwater New LED Light Derbyhaven
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15th November 2018 New Daymark/Lantern at Port St.Mary
8th September 2018 Model Iron Paddle Tug added to Hobbies page
18th January 2018 Douglas Head Permanent Light in operation
17th January 2018 Maughold Head Permanent Light in operation
8th January 2017 Douglas Head Temporary beacon in operation
25th November 2016 Maughold Head Temporary beacon in operation
18th April 2016 Reference Spreadsheets added Isle of Man -- Scotland
November 2015 New bouy positioned Ballacash Bank Bouy
24th August 2015 Model Landyacht added to Hobbies page
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February 2014 New Emergency Lantern fitted at Maughold Head
16th November 2013 Update to history of Cregneish Radio Beacon Station
23rd February 2013 All stations now show Keepers names where available
18th February 2013 Update to Douglas Head 1892 rebuild
12th November 2012 New photographs to update Point of Ayre siren fog signal
!3th June 2012 New lamp autochanger fitted at Langness
2nd June 2012 Update to Peel Harbour Breakwater Light photograph
13th March 2012 Radio aerials removed from Langness
17th October 2011 Revised Point of Ayre Clockwork Drive
6th October 2011 Update to Rattray Head photographs
1st October 2011 Update to photograph of Chicken Rock showing Racon and Sabic lanterns
24th August 2011 Matchstick model Clyde Puffer added to Hobbies page
18th March 2011 Update to photograph of Chicken Rock Showing new lamp
6th January 2011 Update to Lampchanger operation
11th September 2010 Whitestone Bank Bouy added
11th September 2010 Update to Bahama Bank Lightship
31st August 2010 new picture of Rhinns of Islay Lighthouse
16th June 2010 Update to Thousla Beacon - new beacon fitted
7th April 2010 Point of Ayre (Low) light Discontinued
17th March 2010 Update to Douglas Harbour (floating berth lights)
23rd January 2010 Port St Mary harbour revised
8th October 2009 Douglas Head - Position of fog signals
11th September 2009 Matchstick model Oil Rig Support Vessel added to Hobbies page
16th June 2009 Photograph of Bahama Bank buoy Bahama Bank
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20th January 2008 Maughold clockwork mechanism revised