Cregneish Radio Beacon Station

Radio Beacon
Every six minutes would transmit the morse code for CN several times followed by a continuous tone,allowing the radio operator aboard ship to rotate his aerial and obtain a bearing from the beacon

Beacon established 20th May 1938.
As built provided Radio Beacon and wireless communication primarily to Chicken Rock Lighthouse
Mr Mackenzie (having previous radio operation experience) was transferred from Langness Lighthouse and promoted to PLK/Chief Operator

Dwelling built for PLK but there was a four bunk bedroom provided

The intention was for the station to be operated in conjunction with Chicken Rock Lighthouse,each man taking a turn on the rock,a turn on leave and a turn at radio beacon.

An email from Mr. Mackenzies son states that his father said this idea was abandoned before the station was opened.

Station operation
A newspaper article in 1938 gave Three regular calls at 09.15 hrs,14.15 hrs,18.00 hrs
also a mention of "listening hours" so that operator could be contacted by Chicken keepers for urgent calls.
Station operator had Loudspeakers in office and bedroom for emergency contact.

There is still mention in 1946 of three daily calls to Chicken Rock

There must have been operational problems since by 1956 an additional dwelling had been built,presumabably when a permanent ALK was established?

Probably wireless communication continued until Chicken Rock fire in 1960.
By 1975 the radio beacon was reliable enough to be maintained by a single Attendent.

After Calf of Man was built the accomodation was on occasion used as the shore station for some of the PLK's whilst stationed at Calf of Man

31/3/92 Beacon discontinued

Properties are now in private ownership

Cregneish rear view 2006
Cregneish rear view (2006)

Cregneish front view 2006
Cregneish front view (2006)
Radio Beacon feeder house was just to right of picture

Cregneish Keepers