Chicken Rock Lighthouse
FL 5 sec

Light Range
21 miles

Optic Height
38 metres

Tower Height
43 metres

Chicken Rock 2002
As built






Dry Stores

Oil Store

Coal and Water

First 32 feet eight inches
Solid construction.




1869 Building commenced
December 1874 Building completed
1st.January 1875 Official lighting day.
Lighting apparatus-Fresnals with Mr.Stevensons holophotals improvements.An octagonal metal frame each side with annular lens,rotating at 4 minutes per revolution giving a flash every 30 seconds.
Two fog bells to be rang every 30 seconds as required.
1890 Tonite fog signal to be sounded every 5 minutes.

1905 Incandescent lamp fitted
1960 Fire at lighthouse-tempory light at old Calf of Man lower light.
1962 Automation with 4th.order lens and propane gas light.
Tempory foghorn
1968 Permanent unwatched fog horn installed
Discontinued June 2005
1999 Light solar powered
Twin Tideland ML300 Lanterns,mounted Bi-form.
Halogen lamps and six position lampchangers
Monitored by radio link to Langness lighthouse

Chicken Rock Cdmt lamp + Sabik LED 350-3 Lantern 2011

June 2007 Upgraded - Range extended from 12 to 21 miles

Two sets of lens mounted biform on a PRB pedastal with 70 watt Cdmt lamps.

Emergency lights.Two Sabik LED 350-3 lanterns
Three tier LED lanterns (36 watt) mounted on balcony

August 2011 Racon fitted

Chicken Rock Racon 2011


Showing Racon and one of Sabik LED 350-3 beacons


Showing Racon and Sabik LED 350-3 beacons

2012 Communication by satellite link

From 1875 the old Calf of Man lighthouses accommodation was used as the shore station for the Chicken Rock,in1886 a shore station was built in Port St.Mary in the Isle of Man.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox .