Calf of Man Lighthouse
FL 15 sec

21st.June 2007 Light discontinued

Calf-old and new 2002
Calf of Man Lighthouses from sea (2002)

High Light (1819)__ New Light (1968)____________________________Low Light (1819)

The new light was built in 1968
A sealed beam light of 2,000,000 candlepower.(FL)15sec.
A compressed air fog signal (Typhon (1) 45 sec)

Before automation the shore station was at Port St.Mary in the Isle of Man.

31st March 1995 the light was automated

Calf lens-side view 2005 ________ Calf lens-front view 2005
Calf lens-side view 2005____________ Calf lens-front view 2005

Ex-Barra Head 4th.order catodioptric lens with NALC lampchanger with 2 x 250 watt Metal Halide lamps
AGA PRB 20 Gearless pedastal
Standby light Tideland ML300 Lantern

Fog signal replaced by Electric Emitter
Double ELU 300 units giving a 4 mile range
Discontinued 14:15 hours 12th. August 2005

Radio link to Langness lighthouse for remote monitoring

Calf Station-modern 2006
Calf of Man Lighthouse Station (2006)

Calf Tower-modern 2006
Calf of Man Lighthouse "Tower" (2006)

Calf Control Room 2006
Control Room (2006)

Calf Engines 2006
Calf Engine Room (2006)

Calf of Man Lighthouse-(modern)built in 1968
Modernised and Automated 1995
Light discontinued 21st.June 2007

Notice to Mariners 2007

Operation of the light was monitored at Northern Lighthouse Board Monitoring Center.

Attendant visited on a fortnightly basis carried out system checks and checked physical condition of building.
September 2004 the Retained Lighthouse Keeper (Isle of Man) superceded the Attendant and visited on a bi-monthly basis.

Technicians visited at least annually to check,modify and update equipment as required.

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.