1968 Lighthouse

Sealed Beam
Main Light 16 Lamps run at 25Volts total 2,400 Watts
2,000,000 candela
Reserve Light 4 Lamps 6Volt total 114 Watts
Fl 15 sec

Fog Signal (1) 45 sec
1968 Typhon Compressed air
Eight Hyson Airchimes KM135/165

Calf-Lens 2004 1994 Automated
4th.Order Catodioptric lens
Gearless pedastal AGA PRB20
250 watt Metal halide lamp
Standby Light Tideland ML300 Lantern

Fog Signal (1) 45 sec
Double ELG 300 Electric Emitters
(Range 4 miles)
Discontinued 14:15 hours 12th. August 2005

Batteries charged by cycle run generators

The new permanent light (Ex-Barra Head) established 12th.October 1994.
NLB Journal Christmas 1994

Automation (Keepers withdrawn) 22nd.March 1995
NLB Journal Summer 1995

Radio link to Langness Lighthouse

21st.June 2007
Light discontinued

Calf of Man

Calf lights 2004
Calf Lights

Calf-old Low light 2004____ Calf-old High light 2004
Old Low Light 1819 ______________________ Old High Light 1819

Two synchronised revolving white lights
When lined up would indicate the direction of the submerged outlying Chickens Rock.

When was the light first shown?

The lights were formally established and allowed to charge light dues on 1st.February 1819.
Extract from a Voyage of Inspection
10 th August 1818
Calf of Man
We landed and inspected the two Lighthouses now erecting at the Calf.By the contract ,the masons work of the towers was to have been finished by the first of the month-The Contractor,however,has not got the work so far advanced as he was bound in terms of his Contract to have done but he may have met with greater difficulties than what had been expected. At present the lower tower is built up to the cornice for the lantern,but there are about twenty foot of the higher tower still to be built. It is hoped,however,that the towers may be finished so that the lights may be exhibited in January next------------
signed by Mr Hamilton and Mr Adam Duff

Committee meeting 22nd December 1818
Order the Engineer to advertise the Lighting of the Isle of Man Lights,as soon as they can ascertain with certainty the day on which the Lights can be exhibited and the clerk to prepare instructions in regard to the collection of the additional duties to be levied.

From a meeting at NLB---9 January 1819
Approve of the notice published in regard to the Lights on the Island of Manx being exhibited on the 1st February next,and directed the Clerk to issue the neccesary instructions as to the levying of the additional duties granted by the 55.Geo III on account of three lights.

A Tour of Manx Lighthouses
By John Hellowell
States--"Point of Ayre lighthouse was completed on the 1st November 1818,
followed by the two lights on the Calf of Man on 1st February 1819"
Also--"Eventually building of the lights got under way and a total of 300 men were employed on the Calf during the summer of 1818 for the task.Robert Stevenson was appointed the Engineer in charge of the task.
By August of that year construction of the lower tower was complete but for the lantern.The work was described by Steveson,when he paid a visit as being a credit to the inspector and contractors.The higher tower was a little behind schedule,but it was hoped to be completed in time for lighting by the end of the year.
----Eventually on the 1st February 1819, the two lights were illuminated for the first time....

Various other dates have been given?

The Worlds Lighthouses from Ancient Times to 1820
By D Alan Stevenson
Synchronised Revolving Lights 1818
In February two towers were established on sites 560' apart on Calf island at the south end of the Isle of Man
New Northern lighthouses 1800-19
"Calf island----decided to build two lighthouse on that island which by their line would indicate the direction of the submerged outlying Chickens Rock.They were lighted in 1818 by synchronised revolving white lights.On the same date a revolving light giving red and white beams was shown from another lighthouse at the Point of Ayre at the north end of Man"

The Calf of Man
By W.Lockington Marshall
June 7th.1817
Acceptance of offer on 10 acres of land on yearly quit rent of 10.
....it took a further 10 months to complete the job
Then states that on February 1st.1818 the lights were lit.

Journal of Manx Museum Vol.7
Manx Lighthouses and the Northern Lighthouse Board
By W.A.Robertson
The building of the lighthouses was started in 1817 and completed the following year; lights were first exhibited on 1st February 1818.(Refering to Calf of Man and Point of Ayre)

Tempory light in lower Lighthouse 1960-62
AGA 200 mm Lantern / Acetylene light 4-A50 cylinders.
During refurbishment/automation of Chicken Rock Lighthouse after 1960 fire.