Bahama Bank

Present Day Buoy
Description of Structure: South Cardinal Buoy
Location: Latitude 54 20.018 North Longitude 004 08.585 West
Character: Very Quick Flash (6) + Long Flash every 10 Seconds
Colour: Yellow above Black Horizontal band
Sound Signal: The Bell was discontinued November 2004

November 2004 Transferred from Trinity House to Northern Lighthouse Board

15th April 2010 Fitted with AIS transmitter

Serviced by NLB Lighthouse ship

Bahama Bank buoy 2009 Bahama Bank buoy 2009
Bahama Bank Buoy (2009)

Lighthouse Vessel Pharos 2009
Lighthouse Vessel Pharos (2009)

On 14th June 2009 I was aboard the Lighthouse Vessel "Pharos" when the buoy was being cleaned and serviced

Trinity House light vessel in 11 fathoms, 1 miles south-east of SE tail of bank
lat. 54 19 40, long. 4 12 55

From "Shining by the sea" by Constance Radcliffe

1848 Two fixed lights range 10 miles
No fog signal , gun fired as warning for ships standing into danger.
1879 new lightship - one flashing light
1882 fog signal blast every two minutes
Shore station at Ramsey until 1877 -then moved to Holyhead
1914 May replaced by gas buoy when Maughold Head lighthouse
became operational 15th April 1914

All photographs Copyright Fred Fox.
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