Ardnamurchan Lighthouse



8th October. 1973
Arrived at Ardnamurchen lighthouse about 5.30 be told "your on watch at 6 pm."Luckily by this time I was famililar with the equipment being used even if some valves and switches were in different places.
Ardnamurchan had a fixed beehive lens and a cylinder with two slots which was rotated about a Chance Brothers Paraffin Vapour lamp by a clockwork mechanism about the size of a shoebox.
The foghorn was a siren with air supplied via Kelvin diesel engines driving compressors.
Accommodation was the usual little box,this time made worse by the Occasional Keeper(who was off sick,one of the reasons I was there)Keeping wet weather and fishing gear in most of the cupboards and drawers.
The tower at Ardnamurchan had a solid center piller with the stairs spiralling around,and no lights,it was remember a torch or fumble your way up and down(talk about the Dark Ages) It was mainly watchkeeping whilst I was there,most of the work's order's having been done in the summer months.
It was also a control station for some of the rock stations,which meant regular radio checks and again a meteorological reporting station
18th October finished at Ardnamurchan and a few days off.

I never did take photographs as I travelled around as a supernumerary,if you have photographs you have taken I would be pleased to add them to the site all copyright acknowledged.